Industry Insider Profile: Jaclyn Johnson

Marketer, blogger, CEO, conference creator, and event planner, Jaclyn Johnson sure gives the word a�?multi-hyphenatea�? a whole new meaning. At the tender age of 24, the former CondA� Nast magazine editor started her own marketing, influencer, and events agency (No Subject) when she saw a need in the L.A. market for social-media programs that serviced the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle categories. Three years later, she embarked on whata��s become her passion project: Create & Cultivate, a community where female entrepreneurs come to support, enlighten, entertain, and inspire one another through ongoing online conversations and content, and offline via live conferences held three times a year around the country. Oh, and she was also recently named a Forbes a�?30 Under 30a�? for marketing and advertising. Despite the success shea��s currently enjoying, this curator extraordinaire doesna��t plan to let any grass grow beneath her well-heeled feet. a�?Marketing once meant only billboards and magazine ads; now ita��s a 365-days-a-year story of the companies we love through mediums like Snapchat and Instagram. There is so much room for creativity!a�?A�a��Jennifer Henderson

Name: Jaclyn Johnson

Occupation: The founder of the digital marketing, influencer, and events agency (NO SUBJECT) and the curator behind the creative conference and online platform Create & Cultivate. a�?I started Create & Cultivate to create a community for female entrepreneurs to support one another, learn more from each other, and just generally have a good time.a�?

The starting line: a�?I always wanted to be an editor and even studied magazine production in college. However, after working at CondA� Nast and seeing both the editorial and marketing sides of the business, I found myself more excited about the campaigns being created with my favorite brands. I pretty much lucked into my next job, at Attention Agency, by answering a Craigslist ad that literally said, a�?seeking account executive with love of fashion and the Internet.a�? Soon after, I was putting together some of the first word-of-mouth campaigns for brands like Bluefly and EstA�e Lauder.a�?

Come together: a�?I found that there were many women going through the same process I was: trying to start a business and thinking about quitting a full-time job for the side hustle. At the time, there was a very disconnected support system online and nothing offline that felt organic to our generation. I think Create & Cultivate brought to life a combination of real-talk advice, authentic networking, and having a great time.a�?

Secret to her success: a�?Generally speaking, working hard and being nice goes a long way. For me specifically, I am extremely detail orientated, solutions driven, and always trying to think 10 steps ahead, which has worked really well for my agency and now as I grow the Create & Cultivate brand.a�?

Her highlight reel: a�?The Forbes 30 under 30 (for marketing and advertising) was really incredible. Being recognized for my business after so much hard work felt like a real accomplishment.a�?

Her personal style: a�?I like to keep it simple. I know the silhouettes that work for me and I stick to them. I gravitate toward black, gray, white, and beige, and I always get creative with my jewelry. I love statement necklaces and layering up on accessories.a�?

Her uniform: a�?On a typical day, Ia��ll wear a black A-line skirt, a white tee, a gray coat, booties, sunnies, my backpack, and Ia��m out the door. Since I travel a lot and Ia��m always carrying my laptop, I live and die by my backpack.a�?

Blogging around: a�?I love Geri Hirscha��s Because Ia��m Addicted, Olivia Lopeza��s Lust for Life, Courtney Trop of Always Judging, Design Love Fest, Oracle Fox blog, Garance DorA� a�� and I always check in with Who What Wear, Apartment Therapy, and The Everygirl.a�?

Her must-haves: a�?Rosebud salve, Bliss a�?Night Nighta�� Facial in a Box, Jouer face oils, Kate Somerville ExfoliKate, Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, and Cetaphil lotion. A good black boot is everything. I tend to splurge on bags; they are my kryptonite! The Broad Museum and the KCRW music program Morning Becomes Eclectic. Instagram and my Polaroid camera. And Sugarfish sushi; ita��s my favorite meal.a�?

Beauty is a��: a�?I know this sounds cheesy, but someone who is truly beautiful inside and out. As I get older, my circle of friends gets smaller, tighter, and better. You learn as you grow who your true-blue friends and partners are and that is a really beautiful thing.a�?

Going social: a�?For those who want to make a name for themselves, find a niche and get creative. The fashion-blogger market is saturated right now, but there are so many interesting ways to stand out like View From the Topp, an Instagram feed and site that only shoots outfits from the top down; Instagrammer @tayst beautifully interprets and doodles on other peoplea��s images; @teaforbear shoots everything at 45 degrees. For those just looking to join the conversation, know your platforms. Each one has a specific language, look, feel, and tone. Take the time to hone your message and stick to it.a�?

Pin-spiration: a�?I am a Pinterest addict. I am constantly combing through the images to find inspiration for myself, the events we produce, and for Create & Cultivate. I am definitely influenced by my a�?Business BFFa�� crew, which includes Rachel, who is an incredible hostess and cocktail expert; Bess, who is a brilliant florist and event producer; and Whitney, who is a creative genius. We support each other and push each other to get outside our creative comfort zones.a�?

A mantra a day: a�?I am all about mantras! They get me through my day. If ita��s a busy one, I tell myself, a�?You will get this done.a�� On a stressful day, a�?This too shall pass.a�� Ita��s important to give yourself little pep talks.a�?

Best advice: a�?My best friend once told me, a�?Nothing really matters, we are all just made of stars.a�� Granted, this was after a few glasses of wine, but the message holds true: Everything is going to be alright. I used to stress myself out and worry all the time, but when I turned 30 that just clicked.a�?

Whata��s next: a�?We had our most recent conference, in Dallas, on January 30, and wea��ll be announcing more dates in February. Therea��s a lot of fun content in the pipeline, too, including launching a few YouTube shows.a�?