Industry Insider Profile: Erika Mercado

For creative producer Erika Mercado, being a a�?connectora�? of people and ideas is what worka��and lifea��are all about. A onetime consultant who has mounted large-scale programs for international brands including NASCAR, the NFL, and FIFA, she is now, as events director, focused on extending the reach of The Knot Group, a Toronto-based public relations and events firm, to an international market. Drawing inspiration from her near-constant jet-setting travels, Mercado knows the importance of forging strong relationships and the power of a good attitude. a��Jennifer Henderson

Name: Erika Mercado

Occupation: A multicultural, bilingual creative producer curating strategies for New York and Mexico clients such as ESPN, Perrier, Sally Hansen, Nike, Google, and Oliver Peoples. a�?Getting to meet so many interesting people and traveling is the best part of my job.a�?

Her work ethic: a�?Be on time, work hard, and smile!a�?

Her starting line: a�?Going to college in New York City at Fashion Institute of Technology laid the groundwork for my entire career. I threw myself into any and every opportunity that came my way, and from that I learned that ita��s all about connections and having a good attitude. Creative production was something I learned from life experience.a�?

Risky business: a�?I am a risk taker. I am inspired by challenges. I took a huge risk becoming a freelancer versus working at a full-time job. But then I got the opportunity to work with ESPN down in my hometown, Mexico City. It was my first big client when I started out on my owna��aA�huge turning point.a�?

Her road to success: Having a a�?positive attitude, a willingness to help others, and the ability to connect with people.a�?

Her personal style: a�?It varies from minimal to fun and feminine; it just really depends on my mood. For meetings, I always wear a dress with a nice heel and a great bag. For day to day, ita��s jeans and a pair of Superga sneakers (comfort is key) with a nice shirt or sweater.a�?

Her definition of beauty: a�?Kindness and humility.a�?

Her must-haves: a�?I believe in quality over quantity, so good basics are a must: black jeans, black pumps, fitted blazers, dresses, and sunglasses. Taking care of my skin is something that is very important to me, so I require SkinCeuticals SPF, facials, Evian spray mist, Lucasa�� Pawpaw Ointment, and a nighttime oil. I always need a valid passport so I can travel the world. Soups of any type, even on hot days. Classes at 305 Fitness and Pilates. A night of dancing and being silly with friends. And a good mattress: Better sleep always equals a better you the next day.a�?

Her happy place: a�?Anywhere with my husband.a�?

Best practices: a�?Try everything once. And my father used to say, a�?Always learn from your mistakes.a��a�?