Good Works: A Fine BRA�A�-mance

Fun fact: Long before our mothers swore by the hair-raising properties of rinsing our hair with beer, folks in the Middle Ages regularly chose suds over water for everything from drinking to bathing to avoid getting sick. Today if you tried to smuggle a beer into the shower post-workout, youa��d probably get the stink eye from that girl in your Pilates class.

But beer connoisseurs take heart: beer is having its day a�� in the bath. Husband-and-wife duo Brad and Sarah Pearsall believed brewa��s brew of B vitamins, proteins, and minerals was due a renaissance and so they founded BRA�A�: the hair and body care company that uses all-malt, freshly hopped craft beer as the main ingredient in its clean, ultra-performing hair-care and grooming products (our picks: the citrus-scented Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner). The companya��s taken its dedication to the beer-and-bath movement global, too, with its Shower the World Foundation: every time you buy BRA�A�, someone else gets clean, too, with a portion of the sales of every tube supporting clean water and hygiene initiatives worldwide. Wea��ll drinka��and washa��to that! a��Jennifer Henderson