Good Works: The Road to Well-being

At Allure, wea��re firm believers in the healing power of a trip to the spa to cure whatever ails us. The natural skincare gurus at Naturopathica take a similarly holistic approach to 21st-century wellness, too. The purveyors of clean skin and body care and herbal remedies, the brand practices what it preaches through its products, but takes its grounding philosophy one step further. As a founding member and sponsor of the Green Spa Networka��a coalition of spa owners and vendors working to make the spa industry more earth-friendly and efficienta��the brand also seeks to enlighten us on the importance of total well-being, inside and out.

Inspired by traditional healing practices, Naturopathica is encouraging the mindset shift from spas-as-pampered-indulgence to venues for physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness through its own Healing Arts Centers and Spas. Founder and C.E.O. Barbara Close opened the inaugural location more than 20 years ago, and recently debuted the newest center, Naturopathica Chelsea, in New York City. There, Naturopathica offers holistic experiences to inspire self-discovery and wellbeing and sources everything for its Vitality Bar from local vendors, including cold-pressed juices, from Pura Fruta, in Queens; delicious bread from East Harlema��s Hot Bread Kitchen; and refined sugar-free treats from N.Y.C.a��s Sans Bakery. Ita��s a model for good living and good business that we can all learn from.