I Just Discovered …

When Mother Nature gives you snow, make snowballs. Thata��s the basic idea behind the latest lifestyle trend to sweep the globe: Hygge (pronounced a�?HOO-gah,a�? for the uninitiated), the Danish practice of being as cozy and contented as possible, turns the concept of hibernating into an art form (to wit: ita��s how the Danes get through those long, dark winters). Simply put, hygge reflects a way of living that encourages you to create an atmosphere of warmth in which you can enjoy lifea��s purest pleasures (and yes, chocolate counts). Herewith, a few of our favorite hygge-worthy accessories to help you achieve cozy nirvana this winter.

Set the stage: Candles are key when it comes to creating an atmosphere of tranquil reposea��and therea��s just something about a flickering flame thata��s so darn mesmerizing, too. Wea��re over the mA?ne (thata��s moon, in Danish) for these luxuriously fragrant candles by Maison Louis Marie; our go-to scents include tangerine and vanilla tobacco and inoki wood and tuberose.

Just sip something: Therea��s nothing like a cuppa to calm the mind and the senses. This selection of herbal teas by Dammann FrA?res offers a flavor for every mooda��and served in this modern teapot from Kinto, youa��ll have perfectly steeped tea to share with whomever youa��re hygge-ing down with.

Go undercover: Since physically being as comfortable as possible is key to creating an environment you dona��t ever want to leave, it stands to reason that whatever you wrap yourself up in should be up to the cozy challenge. We love this soft-as-a-cloud rose-quartz-color mohair throw from Nantucket Looms.

As for who you enjoy hygge with, thata��s entirely up to you; we recommend grabbing a good friend and binge-streaming all 10 episodes of Z: The Beginning of Everything, on Amazon Prime. SkA?l! a��Jennifer Henderson