Industry Insider: Jackie Jorge

True story: La Niña—yes, that La Niña—is responsible for Jackie Jorge’s now two-decades-long career in public relations. The former journalism student was contemplating going into television when the cheeky weather pattern led her to make her inaugural PR pitch: securing a local broadcast segment on keeping pools winter-weather-safe for her brother-in-law’s pool business. Since then, with a combination of persistence and personal connections, she’s blazed a path for herself in traditional and digital public relations, and after re-launching her career eight years ago, she’s homing in on the consumer, consumer-tech, health, and beauty industries for her current gig with Gold PR. “In this digital era of everyone only wanting to cover the latest and newest, my job is extra hard,” she says. “But I believe in my clients. I’m passionate about what I do, which is critical to my success.” —Jennifer Henderson

Her backstory: “In college, I actually wanted to become a TV reporter. I’m bilingual and, in the early 90s, there were hardly any Latin TV reporters. Unfortunately, once I learned I would have to move out of state and away from my family to get my first job, my plans changed. As part of my journalism major, I took a class in public relations and I loved it. I interned for Wieder Publications, working on magazines like Shape and Fit Pregnancy, but my big break was getting a job at Edelman Worldwide right out of college. I landed the only assistant account executive position in the company because of a successful pitch I’d done on my own for my brother-in-law’s pool business. After that, my career took off.”

Her work ethic: “I’ve always been self-motivated. I work pretty efficiently to manage my professional workload and familial responsibilities. It’s important to me to have balance in life; I love being a PR professional, but I love being a mother more. My greatest job is being a role model to my daughters.”

Her success secret: “To me, the key to success is living through the process. Every day I work towards some kind of goal—personal and professional, small and large. It’s important to celebrate the small successes just as much as the big ones.”

Her look: “Comfortable meets casual with a hint of flair. I’m a minimalist when it comes to makeup and accessories. For business meetings, my go-to outfit is a pair of jeans (with some kind of tear, rip, hole, or shred), a button-up blouse or t-shirt, and a blazer. I only wear yellow gold because I think it looks best with my skin tone. I usually wear stud earrings, my iWatch, and some of my go-to necklaces and bracelets. Right now, I’m obsessed with i.e.culture refurbished glass-and-cork cuffs, made by a gal out here in the San Fernando Valley.”

Her must-haves: “On Fridays, I get a manicure and alternate every other week with a polish change; Essie and Caption are my favorites. My new Adidas Superstar high-tops. Cetaphil and EltaMD UV Daily Broad-Spectrum SPF 40. Bossa Nova, the Brazilian jazz radio station on Pandora. HGTV’s Fixer Upper, History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, and CBS Sunday Morning. A flat iron. And Invisalign because it really does make my life easier—less trips to the orthodontist and no broken wires, which can be a real hassle.”

Her inspiration: “My main influences are my three daughters: Isabella, Breanna, and Tatiana. They are my everything. All that I do, I do for them.”

Her social circle: “I follow a lot of beauty, style, food and yoga bloggers on Instagram. My favorites are @vfbeauty (Vanity Fair’s SunHee Grinnell), @theeverygirl_, @whole30recipes (for healthy food suggestions), for pose inspiration, and @dr_ellen_marmur who is my favorite dermatologist.”

Her motto: “‘Make it happen.’ —Cleopatra.”

Her beauty: “I teach my daughters to self-love because that’s where I believe beauty lives—inside of us. To me, beauty is a natural light we all possess; the brighter the light, the more beautiful you are. Personal fulfillment, happiness, health, inner peace, and self-confidence feed into that light.”

Her treasures: “My small (but slowly growing) collection of Louis Vuitton.”

Her advice: “I’m trying to raise three independent, strong young ladies. My life lessons to them are hard work always pays off; listen to your heart’s center because she will always guide you to happiness, and always make your bed in the morning.”

Her future: “To continue to enjoy my family and balance it with my awesome career. My husband and I plan on visiting Spain and Portugal to learn more about my ancestors and look into some kind of new business venture to change things up a bit. I would also like to learn how to professionally media train others and master public speaking for myself. Given my life experiences, I think I’d be good at inspiring other women to overcome challenges. Maybe one day …”