Industry Insider Profile: Beca Alexander

She is the “Queen B” of a collective of social­ media influencers called Socialyte and a guru in digital­ marketing circles. She’s also the co­founder of the online style community, Fashion Indie; a couture connoisseur; and a seasoned blogger. But all Beca Alexander really wants to do is find the cojones to do stand-up comedy, rescue stray dogs, and “go everywhere and see everything in [her] lifetime.” —Jennifer Henderson

Her fashion history: “I grew up in the USSR and my parents couldn’t afford fashionable clothing. For my birthday, my dad gave me a patchwork rabbit coat and it became my favorite possession. I wore it everywhere; it even made it to America when we immigrated. From there, I developed an emotional attachment to clothing as a way to create an identity for myself in a new country.”

Her work ethic: “I wish I could say that I have a balanced relationship with work, but that wouldn’t be true. I think you have to be borderline obsessed to run your own business.”

Her blogger beginnings: “Back in the day, blogging was sort of a dirty word—it connoted that you were a hobbit in a basement hiding behind a computer. At Fashion Indie, we used to sneak into fashion shows and were thrilled when we finally began to get standing-room invites.”

Her success secret: “Hard work and genuine passion. You can’t fake passion; it’s the force you need to drive you forward when everything around you seems to be on fire. Also the courage to take risks and pave a road or build a bridge if one isn’t there in front of you.”

Her personal style: “Quirky, girly, sometimes a bit retro, and always fun. I love wearing things other people would consider too daring. I’ve never met a pair of culottes, pilgrim shoes, or pompom earrings I didn’t love.”

Her must-haves: “Coffee-table books, especially Every Person in New York. Santal 33 perfume and eyelash extensions. Raspberries and Grimaldi’s pizza. My Cartier watch and my Chanel bag. I’m a Mac addict so I’m always connected to my iPhone or MacBook Air. And Circuit of Change, a mind-body boot-camp class I’ve been taking to work on my post­winter-hibernation body.”

Her beauty: “Feeling confident in your own skin and owning your flaws.”

Her social skew: “My friend Ariel Lee and her Instagram. She’s always on an exotic beach in the middle of nowhere in some ethereal outfit and writing about her inner realizations. She’s made me want to sell everything and move to a hut in Costa Rica a few times.”

Her inspiration: “I draw inspiration from my environment. New York as a city with an immense energy, and the friends and co­workers I interact with daily. I often say that New York is the love of my life. And the beach—any beach.”

Her words to live by: “Don’t sweat petty things or pet sweaty things. Life is too short for either.”

Her next step: “I’m in the process of writing a memoir of sorts made up of short stories from my past. I’m always working on my stand-up comedy routine while I gather enough courage to do an open-mike night somewhere; and I’m constantly working towards one day owning a puppy sanctuary/bed-and-breakfast.”