Industry Insider Profile: Karen Robinovitz

Karen Robinovitz is one highly connected gal. The co-founder and CCO of the curation-marketing and branding agency Digital Brand Architectsa��and notably one of the top 20 best-branded women on Twittera��claims her stock-in-trade is the online social influencers who powerfully populate the Web. The concept was one that she and her business partner had been noodling for years: Tap into the burgeoning band of pre-Instagram-era bloggers and YouTube personalities to create content. And, five years ago, DBA was born, becoming the first agency to represent tastemakers based solely on their POVs and social followings. It was an unexpected turn in an already successful career that the former Womena��s Wear Daily and New York Times journalist never anticipated but credits her writing background for inspiring. a�?I had written a book, and as I helped strategize the launch, build brand partnerships for the tour, and experiment withA�the early states of social media for events, I realized I loved the marketing side, too. And I never looked back.a�? a��Jennifer Henderson

Name: Karen Robinovitz

Occupation: Co-founder and chief creative officer of Digital Brand Architects (DBA), a boutique digital agency that focuses on the convergence of influencers, storytelling, and social media marketing and public relations. a�?I love what Ia��m doing and the direction in which ita��s heading. DBA. started as four people in my apartment and ita��s grown to 30 people in both NYC and L.A.a�?

Fashion first: a�?I was about three years old and walking along Worth Avenue inA�Palm Beach, holding hands with my parents. And all of a sudden I got really excited about the store in front of me. a�?G! U! C! C! I!a�� is what I yelled, pointing. a�?Gucci. Leta��s go there!a�� It was the first word I had ever read. At that moment, my parents knew it was game over and I would be trouble.a�?

Her work ethic: a�?Obsessive and nonstop.a�?

The writing life: a�?When I was graduating from college, all I wanted to be was a writer. I loved contributing to magazines and newspapers. I was exposed to the most amazing people, events, and experiences. I wouldna��t be able to do what I do today without my background as a writer and storyteller.a�?

The secrets of her success: a�?I am a big believer in taking risks and making things happen.a�?

Her personal style: a�?I tend to go for relaxed, somewhat oversize silhouettes with the right amount of chic and slouch. If I had to wear just one brand, it would be CA�line. Otherwise, low-slung mena��s-style trousers and a silk Haider Ackermann blouse with the highest heels imaginable.a�?

Her must-haves: a�?Family, iPhone 6s, Instagram, Moon & Back Bakery raw brownies (which I order from Seattle), art, Taschen books, Rag & Bone jeans, Mr. & Mrs. Italy army jacket, Nike Lunar Elite Sky Hi DMB sneakers, DevaCurl hair products, Biologique Recherche skincare, and Valentino dresses for splurges.a�?

Blogging around: a�?Ia��m addicted to a mix of sites and Instagram accounts: @paridust for art and fashion, @beyondthemag for curatorial excellence, and Eye Swoon for food.a�?

Going social: a�?The key on social media is to have a clear point of view. Voice is everything, whether through words or visuals.a�?

Her vision of beauty: a�?Feeling good about yourself and being inspired. Beauty has much less to do with hair and makeup and everything to do with how you see yourself.

Art for her sake: a�?Much of my inspiration comes from art. I have to see something at a gallery or museum daily. It informs so many of my ideas.a�?

In her own words: a�?Dona��t take no for an answer. And laugh at yourself if need be.A�Dona��t take anything for granted and work for what you want.a�?