Take Note: Life, De-cluttered

We might have missed the memo on tackling our a�?spring cleaning,a�? but keeping our physical space organized is something we can achieve without making it an eventa��which can be beneficial for our mental wellbeing, too. Deal with your daily mess with a few easy tips: Start your morning off by making your bed; it sets the tone for the rest of your day. Be sure to sort through your mail when it comes in, recycling catalogs and tossing things to be shredded into a single receptacle. And at night before you hit the hay, take a few moments to a�?reseta�? your home by tidying up the stray itemsa��wedges, gauzy sweaters, clutches, et ala��that have amassed throughout the day. And for those who are looking for further inspiration on how to pull it together, wea��ve already pre-ordered the adorably sized The Little Book of Tidying: Declutter Your Home and Your Life.) a��Jennifer Henderson